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Eight Roof Lighting Ideas for your Home

Exterior image of Neo Rooflights at dusk

Are you considering installing a new rooflight? Rooflights can completely transform your home and create a light, airy and dynamic living space. A simple addition to any roof, rooflights are the perfect way to bring natural light in and envelop your home in sunlight throughout the day.

With a timeless design and options to suit any home, rooflights are a versatile addition to your property and prove to be a popular choice for homeowners. Bespoke rooflights can create a key feature to your home, and conservation style rooflights can rejuvenate older properties back to their original glory. With options from pitched rooflights, flat rooflights, to rooflights you can walk on, the choices of rooflights are endless.

Whatever your budget or personal style, there’s a rooflight for you. As experts in rooflight design and patents of The original Conservation Rooflight ,The Rooflight Co have been designing state of the art rooflights for homeowners since 1993.

What to consider when choosing a rooflight for your home

What should you think about when deciding which style of rooflight is right for you? Rooflights are an investment, and will sometimes require an architect as well as additional building work depending on the scope of the project and the idea you have in mind. Below is a rundown of the main things to consider when choosing a rooflight:

Think about your budget very carefully

The costs of a rooflight vary depending on their quality, their design, their size, and where they are located in your home. Single rooflights of standard size and shape will cost less than multiple, bespoke rooflights, and lantern rooflights tend to cost more than standalone pitched rooflights, for example. Other considerations to be made include the amount of glass you need for a space to make it effective and impactful. The material you use for the frame of your rooflight and any features such as self-cleaning glass may also increase the price.

Consider the style of your existing property

If you are planning to invest in new rooflights, pay attention to the existing architecture of your home. If you live in a conservation area, you may be restricted to conservation rooflights, ensuring your new rooflights blend in with the properties in your surrounding area. Heritage buildings are recognised for their historic significance, so if you are a homeowner living in a conservation area, contact a rooflight company that supply conservation rooflights. You will unlikely be able to progress with your project if you fail to do so.

At The Rooflight Company, our extensive range of conservation rooflights include:

Explore our entire range of rooflights and skylights on our website, or make an enquiry today.

Why install rooflights?

Create an instant feature

Rooflights can make an instant feature and focal point in your home. Previously darker spaces can benefit from far more natural light, and views of the skies, trees and beyond. One of the reasons people choose to install rooflights is to achieve a sense of bringing the outside in, making a central area within a home. Rooflights are very popular in kitchen extensions and loft conversions, maximising the space available and transforming the space into a light, spacious area enjoyed by friends and family throughout the year.

Add more natural light into your home

The amount of natural light that floods into your home can transform your property. Depending on where you live, you can benefit from the morning sun or evening rays, creating a warm, inviting space that may have previously been overlooked or unused. The warm and natural light that rooflights allow into your property can be a great benefit in the winter months, and in the summer months, rooflights can allow you to make the most of long summer evenings in your living space.

Add value to your property

Rooflights can also add value to your property. Depending on the extent of the renovation or project, rooflights can add up to 21% value to your home. Rooflight loft conversions are a real investment, adding more light to flood into your home. Pitched rooflights in bathrooms and loft spaces can all help to open up the space, and rooflight extensions on your ground floor can instantly increase the amount of light in your property, even when only a small amount of ground space is available.

Create defined zones within your home

Dark, unused spaces around your home can become usable living spaces thanks to the natural light that rooflights let into your property. Rooflights can be installed with great effect into an extension or conversion to maximise the light within a room, and open up the room, too.

Make rooms appear bigger

Another reason why homeowners decide to install rooflights is that they can naturally extend the feel of a room and give the illusion of far more space. Natural light can give the illusion of a higher ceiling, bringing welcome natural views into a room. Roof lanterns and roof pyramids, in particular, are used to great effect to increase the feeling of space in a room. More head height and more natural light can make even the smallest areas feel larger.

For more modern properties, there are further options available, including flush fixed rooflights for pitched roofs, contemporary rooflights for flat roofs, and custom roof windows.

Conservation rooflights from inside looking out to blue sky
Alternative Design walk on rooflight
The Ridgelight
Brentwood School Sixth Form Building with acoustic glass and trapezoidal rooflights

8 Rooflight ideas for your home

1. Period property renovation: Conservation rooflights

If you are considering rejuvenating your existing property and you live in a conservation area, you will need to install conservation rooflights. This is because conservation buildings are buildings with historical significance, therefore, any changes to the exterior must emulate the traditional style. Conservation rooflights are specifically designed to be aesthetically in keeping with the appearance of the original property, and you can find flat conservation rooflights and pitched conservation rooflights to exactly emulate traditional period rooflights.

2. Flat rooflight extension

Why not extend your property with a flat rooflight extension? Rooflight extensions are incredibly popular with homeowners, as, depending on the size and scope of the extensions, may not require planning permission and can completely transform your downstairs living space. Flat rooflight extensions are the most cost-effective option and are less likely to need planning permission, as they don’t interfere or obstruct the skyline.

3. Pitched rooflight extension

A pitched rooflight extension can create more space within your property and let more daylight in and are a popular choice with homeowners looking for a more structured aesthetic. Pitched rooflight extensions may incur a greater cost as they take longer to install, and depending on the size and scope of the project, may also require planning permission.

4. Kitchen renovation: linear skylights

Kitchens are the heart of the home. Why not transform yours with linear skylights? Skylights installed in a grouped fashion can flood light into your property and are a particularly good choice for long and narrow living spaces. Allowing you to maximise the space available, you can install a run of roof windows to make an instant feature in your home.

At The Rooflight Co, we offer three linking options to suit whatever budget or style of rooflight you have in mind. Get in touch with our technical team who can advise you on the perfect solution for your home.

5. Transform your kitchen/dining area with a roof lantern

A lantern rooflight is a style of rooflight that physically opens up the space in your home thanks to the 3D shape. A popular choice in larger kitchens, roof lantern skylights can instantly transform a living space into a versatile space that’s central to the property. Lantern rooflights instantly enhance and brighten a space.  With glazing options and bespoke options to choose from, you can design a lantern rooflight that is perfectly in keeping with the interior of your home.

6.  Bring light into your window-less rooms with a roof light

A great idea for a windowless area that’s in need of a spruce? Adding a rooflight! If your home makes use of top-floor space in the rafters, you may struggle to install windows in the walls. Rooflights can be added to make an unusable space a key area, and add natural light to seldom-used, lost spaces.

7. Create a new space with a loft conversion

If you have a loft space that has plenty of potential, a loft conversion is a brilliant way to create an additional living space within your home. Instantly adding value to your property, rooflight loft conversions are a more cost-effective option compared to dormer conversions and can transform a previous dark and dingy space into a workable area. Loft conversions are incredibly popular for this reason and pitched rooflights can be installed to instantly let light flood in. The main benefit of rooflight loft conversions is that they avoid tampering with the building structure, which is far less hassle for you!

8. Brighten your home office with a pitched rooflight

If you are regularly home working in a room in the rafters, upstairs landing or mezzanine, you can install a rooflight to turn the area into a dynamic working space. Natural light is better for our eyes compared to artificial light and can make it a more enjoyable place for you to work in. The natural light will brighten the space instantly, and be an appealing feature if you decide to sell your home, too.

If you’re thinking of buying a rooflight to rejuvenate and renovate your home, you can explore our range of rooflights and skylights or speak to a member of our team today. We’d be happy to discuss options with you. Make an enquiry and start your journey today.

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