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A Guide to Pitched Roof Windows

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What are pitched roof windows?

Pitched roof windows are a versatile style of window that can be easily installed within the ceiling of a house. Roof windows are generally installed on a pitched roof, and serve the main purpose of letting more light and ventilation into a property.

What styles of pitched roof window are there?

The main difference in styles of sloping roof windows is how the roof window is opened and accessed.

  • Central pivot roof windows

This style of roof windows opens from the centre of the window, with a single pane of glass operated from a central pivot. The sash pivots at the centre, meaning that the casement will be positioned half inside, and half outside. The roof window is opened using a control bar at the top. These windows usually open to a degree of 180 degrees.

  • Top hung roof window

Top hung pitched roof windows such as The Conservation Rooflight and Neo Rooflight operate from a top pivot, with the entire roof window casement placed on the exterior of the property when it is opened. Top hung roof windows are operated using a hand winder or handle at the bottom of the window.

Centre-pivot or top hung roof windows?

This really depends on your own personal preference and how you use the space. Centre-pivot roof windows are in general the cheaper option, are easier to clean and will be more suited to where they are positioned; the higher up the roof window, the more likely a centre-pivot will suit your options, as this avoids the casement interfering with your eye line or the room itself. For eye-level pitched roof windows, top-hung windows are the preferred choice. Top hung roof windows tend to be more expensive, which is something to bear in mind. Most roof window and rooflight suppliers will offer both options, with manual or control rod openings.

Manually opening roof windows

Some pitched roof windows will open manually, with a winding crank to operate the window. These are popular design features for roof windows that are easy to access and within hand reach. You can also install manually opening roof windows that are out of reach, as a winding crank with a control rod for easy access is an option.

Motorised opening roof windows

Pitched roof windows are also available with motorised functionality so you can open the roof window remotely. This is best suited for roof windows on slipping roofs that are difficult to access or out of reach.

Glazing options for pitched roof windows

Depending on the positioning of the roof window and the room you are installing it in, there will be different glazing options that may suit more than others. Options such as mottled glass and self-cleaning windows offer plenty of scope and choice to suit any budget or project.

What is the most popular type of roof window?

The most popular styles in the UK are top opening roof windows, both of which allow homeowners to let air and ventilation into a property with ease.

Interior shot of Neo Rooflight at Wraxall yard - Contractor Hub Solutions. Architect
Tew Farmhouse - upstairs room
Cavendish House dining room 2
Linking bars used in The Coach house
Conservation Rooflights on Cavendish House
The kitchen at Fawnbrake House

Benefits of pitched roof windows

  • More light

A key benefit of installing pitched roof windows and the main reason why many people choose to install a roof window into their existing home is because of the additional light it lets in. Even a small roof window can instantly let more light in, and create a more welcoming space that benefits from natural light. Be that for a dark corridor, double-height space, an ensuite that doesn’t get any natural light, or loft space that you’re planning to convert; roof windows for pitched roofs are a simple solution that let natural light flood in.

  • More ventilation

Another reason why people choose to install roof windows is that they allow more airflow and ventilation into a property. Unlike non-opening rooflights, roof windows can be manually opened for increased ventilation, and are an easy way to let air into your property throughout the day, particularly in the warmer months. Hot air rises, so in a top floor flat or room, the ability to access the open air is the main attraction of pitched roof windows, particularly if the space is used frequently.

  • Opens up a room

If a room in your property has limited wall space or low ceilings, then roof windows can instantly open up the space and change the dynamics of the room to ensure that enough light and ventilation get in. Depending on how you use the space, this can transform and open up a room; recent reports suggest that natural light can help with sleep and mental health.

  • Creates an additional space

Sloping roofs can create awkward spaces to live in, and roof windows can maximise the space and create an additional living space. Windows for sloping roofs don’t affect the external space around your home but can transform an interior space into a usable, versatile space.

  • Adds value

Another reason homeowners consider installing a pitched roof window is the value it can add to a property. Depending on whether it is part of a pitched roof extension or a loft conversion, a pitched roof window can help to increase the price of your home when you come to sell.

How much do pitched roof windows cost?

Pitched roof window costs will be dependent on the size of the window and the number of roof windows you choose to install. At The Rooflight Co, our pitched roof windows are available at to be linked to create a rooflights along your sloping roof, otherwise, the classic sizes offer an opening design at our most commonly requested sizes.

Which is the best roof window for my home?

With plenty of roof window types to choose from, it’s a typical question for homeowners: which is the best roof window type for my home?

How do I choose a roof window?

What to consider when choosing the best pitched roof window for your home, think very carefully about how you will be using the space. This will help you work out the best way forward and can help establish the type of sloping roof window you need, and what you can expect to pay.

Need inspiration? Explore our recent projects for pitched roofs and visit our Case Study Gallery.

  • The roof window placement

A key factor in determining the best pitched roof window for your home will be where the window is situated. Roof windows at eye level would suit a top-hung window design, whereas roof windows placed above head height may suit center-pivot design. The positioning of the pitched roof window should also factor in how much sunlight will be brought into the property. Depending on whether your roof is north, south, east or west facing, there will be additional benefits, as south-facing roof windows benefit from sunlight all day. West-facing windows can bathe your room in sunlight in the evening, and east-facing roof windows can benefit from brilliant sunlight in the morning.

  • The size of the roof window

How large will your roof window be? How many roof windows do you need? The size and dimension of your roof window will impact the cost, where it should be placed and the style you should choose, so establish early on in the process what kind of roof windows you want and how you plan to integrate them into your existing living space.

  • The style of your property

Depending on the aesthetics of your home, some roof windows will be more suitable than others. Properties in conservation areas recognised as heritage buildings will need conservation roof windows in order to reflect the houses in the surrounding area.  Some homeowners may find that non-opening rooflights are more suitable for their home, otherwise may decide a run of opening roof windows for sloped roofs is the best choice for the layout of their home. If you’re unsure about which kind of roof window or rooflight is best for you, we’ll happily speak to you to discuss your options. Enquire today and start your journey to finding the perfect roof window for your home!

  • The cost of the roof window

Think about your budget very carefully when you are planning to install a pitched roof window. Consider all your options so that you can find the right roof window for your budget that works with the space. Don’t forget to factor in installation costs, which will usually be a separate cost to the roof window itself. It is rare that roof window suppliers also install the roof window, so research rooflight installation companies early on who will be able to help you.

Head to our product page to find out more about our conservation style rooflight or discover more about our pitched rooflights here. Speak to our team today to learn more about how we can help you transform your home with a rooflight.

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