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Your Guide to Tailormade Rooflights

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Large roof windows are a stunning addition to any home or building. However, standard, off-the-shelf rooflights may not be able to satisfy the singular shapes and requirements of all homes, especially conservation homes and buildings with unconventional designs.

The Rooflight Co are able to offer exquisite solutions for unique buildings and any architect or homeowner who needs flexibility when it comes to design. Our team of designers can support with unusual profiles, large sizes, premium colours, hand-picked features, and much more.

In this guide, we will detail everything homeowners should know about the benefits and costs of a bespoke rooflight and can help get you inspired with your vision to turn your dream rooflight into a reality.

What is a tailormade rooflight?

Tailormade rooflights and skylights stand apart from ready-made windows in that they are hand-crafted and completely customisable. They are designed and created with substantial input from architects, as well as the homeowner, with elements including size, structure and even colour tailored to an exact preference.

At the Rooflight Co, we have standard rooflights and skylights that can be modified and personalised for each individual’s preferences. This means that especially large roof windows can be crafted with a high-end finish while meeting any specifications, no matter the shape: be it trapezoidal, circular, or triangular.

Almost every aspect of a bespoke roof light window can be hand-picked by you, down to the ironmongery and the blinds.

How much do tailormade rooflights cost?

Tailormade rooflights are more expensive as they are crafted as a bespoke one-off design to your exact requirements. There is no average price point for a bespoke rooflight, as every design is completely unique, with material costs, labour costs and other considerations based on the scope of the project. Additional features, such as triple glazing, expansive dimensions, or security glass can bring up the price considerably. If you’d like to find out more about your options, enquire about our rooflights and our team will be happy to discuss your options with you.

Benefits of a tailormade rooflight

At The Rooflight Co, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, passion, and technical expertise when it comes to the functionality and aesthetics of our bespoke rooflights. We are a company founded by an architect, and this is reflected in our innovative and complementary designs.

Complete freedom of choice

The real beauty of tailormade roof lights is the freedom offered in design and composition. The ability to customise your rooflight gives you a huge advantage when working with buildings that have intricate geometries or strict conservation regulations. With our design solutions service, you are able to choose from standard rooflight designs, ranging from design inspiration ideal for modern new builds to historical home conversions. As part of your journey to curating your own bespoke rooflight, you can choose the exact shape and size, which can be the perfect solution for self-builds or heritage homes with awkwardly shaped rooms and irregular roof sizes.

For example, bespoke roof windows can put in place added security measures to guarantee ultimate safety. These features, such as the Secured by Design upgrades, provide toughened security glass. These are proven through rigorous tests to withstand break-ins and meet all Part Q security building regulations.

Added Security Rooflights are also available and are the best option for buildings where security is paramount. You can pick from a flexible menu of options that heighten security without compromising on the style, such as protective glazing perimeter guards, and tamper-proof security bars and hinges.

Drone footage of Cork House
Natural Light
Mottisfont Abbey rooflights
Bespoke Plateau Rooflights for Caring Wood - Unique Designs
Michael Baker Boathouse - rooflights
Internal view of Conservation Rooflights installed with sawtooth sections.

High-quality is assured

The benefits of receiving a custom-made rooflight revolve around the attention to detail, technical expertise and unique service you will receive by purchasing a bespoke rooflight. Depending on your design preferences, you can curate your own bespoke rooflight to meet your vision and create a bespoke feature for your home.

UK made

The Rooflight Company’s entire rooflight range is made exclusively on-site in the UK. We are a British manufacturing company that designs, crafts, and assembles each roof window in our Cotswolds facility. We also use all British suppliers and fabricators to ensure the best quality possible and a high-end finish, something that translates directly into the high-quality finish of every single rooflight we make.

Choice of colours, finishes and materials

Our customers are able to choose from a variety of colours, materials, and accessories to personalise their bespoke roof light and give it a high-quality finish. Our rooflights are made from mild steel and aluminium, both of which offer strength, durability and a high-quality finish. Our patented Thermoliner is made from a PVC-U that can significantly boost thermal performance while draining away any condensation.

We offer a wide range of RAL colours, roller and pleated style blinds that can be operated manually or motorised, and diverse options for durable and top quality ironmongery. There are endless possibilities to choose from to find the perfect match for any project.

Explore our range of bespoke rooflight styles

Each bespoke rooflight can be made according to your style preferences, emulating the standard styles discussed below:

Conservation bespoke rooflights

This rooflight range is the best solution for listed buildings with historic or cultural significance. Conservation rooflights have a more traditional, small-pane design. They are made with materials like wrought iron and can appear flush to the roof. These are available as flat or pitched rooflights and can provide a stunning feature without compromising the traditional spirit of a building.

Modern bespoke flat rooflight

Bespoke large roof windows are a popular choice for new builds, and the neo Advance® range is a flat rooflight solution that is both modern and energy-efficient. It brings both style and function with a frameless and elegant roof and a made-to-measure service.

Bespoke pitched rooflights

neo® rooflights are a high-end, modern option for bespoke pitched roof windows. They are unobtrusive, appear frameless, and provide a breathtaking focal point for any building.

Bespoke roof lanterns

Our conservation lantern rooflights can be hand-crafted to suit either contemporary or period architecture. They add a unique aesthetic, open up space, and are a gorgeous sun-filled feature.

Bespoke pyramid roof windows

Our conservation pyramid rooflight range is also versatile for a number of styles. They have flexible opening options for adjustable ventilation as well as a number of glazing choices.

Glazing options for bespoke rooflights

When you go bespoke, you can decide between extra glazing options depending on what is best for your rooflight. Double and triple glazing can improve energy and thermal efficiency and it can combat any condensation build-up. However, there are also privacy options, such as obscure glazing, and self-cleaning options available. Our BioClean glazing works with the natural angle of your roof and sunlight to clean dirt and debris from your roof window.

There are also security glazing options, such as triple-ply laminated glass. It features an additional interlayer, making the glass more resistant to shattering and offering extra security from break-ins.

Can I design my own rooflight?

At The Rooflight Company, we use a collaborative process to make sure that your bespoke roof window satisfies all your design ambitions. You can be personally involved with every step of the design process to ensure you are completely happy with your bespoke rooflight.

The process can be broken down into four steps:

  1. Enquire – Once you send us an enquiry, members of our sales team and bespoke designers will be able to qualify your project and define the initial specification.
  2. Collaborate – Our experienced designers will liaise with you; collecting all the critical information and any key specifications for your project. Some things to consider may be roof dimensions, required planning permission, and any design preferences. Our in-house bespoke design team will use this information to create Client Acceptance drawings for your approval.
  3. Aprove – The next step is to sign off on the Client Acceptance drawings. We aim to correctly interpret your requirements the first time around. However, if you have any amendments to the design, you can request them now at this stage. Once any specific amendments have been made and everything is approved, we can proceed with the manufacturing of your bespoke roof window.
  4. Manufacture – As we hand-assemble your project, we will keep you up-to-date at every step of the way. Your bespoke roof light will be manufactured in our state of the art facility located in the heart of Oxfordshire. Our work is subject to quality checks at every stage to ensure the product you receive is of the highest standard and quality.

What to consider when designing your bespoke rooflight

What aspects should you consider when designing your own custom rooflight? From materials to size and opening options, we’ve shared our thoughts below.


Consider how you would like your dream rooflight to function in your home or building. Is it to bring in more natural light, add ventilation, or create a wow factor? Answering these questions can help you take your first steps in the design of your bespoke roof window.


The dimensions of your building or home are a big determining factor in what kind of rooflight is possible for installation. Aside from these restrictions, bespoke rooflights allow for any unconventional size and shape, allowing you to dream big and get creative.

Planning permission

Is your building listed or in a conservation area? If so, you may need to consider restrictions that may impact your design. There are also some limits on the number of glass panels allowed in roof designs. Feel free to contact an expert member of our team for any questions during the design process, and we can advise you on which rooflight will be best.

Opening options

There are several opening options for roof windows. Fixed rooflights are a simple and popular choice. However, opening rooflights provide good ventilation, perfect for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom. You can customise further by determining if you want the opening to be manual or motorised.

Why choose a rooflight from our Alternative Design Solutions?

There are many reasons why bespoke rooflights and skylights may be needed for a project, but the most common is due to unconventional shapes in the design, and uniquely large sizes.

For example, any heritage or period building must meet the building regulations for skylights set by conservation officers, English Heritage, and the National Trust. Bespoke conservation roof lights can provide the correct materials and style to authentically match the design of historical homes.

See our case study at Derby Roundhouse for a look into how bespoke rooflights were the perfect solutions for a Grade II Listed Building..

Buildings with intricate and complicated geometry can be serviced with bespoke rooflights. Our case study with the Tin House details how unconventional shapes were the key for this building to maintain privacy while allowing in an abundance of natural light. The six bespoke trapezoidal rooflights consisted of different dimensions and required individual baseplate designs to fit each pod roof.

For more inspiration, visit our Case Study Gallery or explore our range of bespoke rooflights and skylights through our Design Solutions service.


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